Markets, flavors and history of Thessaloniki…

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Thessaloniki was always a multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual city with a lot of customs, religions, and recipes. For centuries, mainly Jews, Christians, Muslims, but also people from the Balkan peninsula and Europeans from nearly every corner of the continent used to live one next to the other sharing traditions and a lot of flavours. Many of these multicultural flavours and products still survive today.

What can we discover with a walk in the city center?

What is hidden in the old markets?

What flavours can we try?

What do these flavours tell us about the history of the city?

We are walking through the old traditional markets of Thessaloniki, among the narrow alleys of its center, where even today people do their shopping and we discover incredible stories that reflect its multicultural past.

We are communicating with locals, listening to their personal stories that are lost in the depths of the centuries and discussing with them about the eating habits of the old inhabitants of Thessaloniki, the special products of their recipes and their importance for each culture. We are tasting a lot of flavours, pieces of the history that is revealed alive in front of our eyes. We are getting to know herbs, spices, vegetables, meats, fish, sweets, drinks and a lot of fascinating narrations.

We are exploring the gastronomic wealth of our city through an exciting guided tour with our specialized and certified guides. We are learning how to use the necessary vocabulary as we come into contact with grammar and syntax issues with our specialized and certified teachers.

We are walking through the old neighborhoods of the city with our amazing colleagues Dot2dot discovering the secrets of Thessaloniki. We learn Greek our way!