An industrial walk in Thessaloniki!

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What do you know about the industrial heritage of Thessaloniki?

Have you ever visited the west side of the city?

What are all these impressive buildings that look abandoned?

What stories do they have to tell us?

A walk in a less known but equally important area of Thessaloniki: the western side includes the industrial monuments and sites associated with the industrial, commercial and economic activity of the city in the 19th and 20th century.

Buildings that were once called “The industrial palaces of the 19th century” give us the opportunity to see what was happening in Thessaloniki in the previous centuries. We look at how the machinery worked, how the workers protested and how the city was modernized. We discover the language that is hidden behind! We come out of the limits of the standard class and we learn Greek while making important walks and discussing every part of our history and culture,.

Thank to our specialized and certified guides of Dot2dot and our highly educated teachers for another great experience!