Learning Greek out of the standard class

Written by NewsRoom
31 May 2019

Do you know what’s the most famous monument of Thessaloniki?

Do you know that Thessaloniki has a history of about 2.000 years?

What’s the White Tower, why is it called white and what secrets does it hide?

Have you ever played educational games inside a museum while learning history and language?

We visit the White Tower, perhaps the most famous monument of Thessaloniki, symbol of the city and a favorite spot of its inhabitants. We discuss about the construction of this important monument, how it was used during the centuries and how it is used today. We learn important historical evnets from the foundation of the city to its recent historical past. We talk about wars, emperors, religions, revolutions and reforms. We walk through the beautiful area of Nea Paralia and discover the secrets that can be hidden there. We enjoy an amazing cycling by the sea while using the necessary vocabulary and grammar, practicing our daily communication skills. We come out of the limits of the standard class and we learn Greek in every corner of the city by chatting with the locals and exploring every element of our history and culture.

The Byzantine past of Thessaloniki…

What do you know about the Byzantine Empire? Did you know that Thessaloniki was part of the Byzantine Empire for 1.100 years and became its second most important city? Can you imagine how many secrets are hidden in these 1.100 years? Who were the Byzantines? How was...

Merry Christmas with a traditional Greek meal!

Is there a better way to say goodbye 2019? What are the Greek Christmas customs? What do Greeks eat at Christmas and why? What are your Christmas customs? We explore the gastronomic wealth of Greece through an interactive cooking class along with a distinguished chef....

A visit at the Teloglion Foundation of Art A.U.Th.

What do you know about the Greek Contemporary art? Have you ever played educational games inside a museum while learning history and a different part of art? Today we visited Teloglion Foundation of Art A.U.Th, we admired the work of Alexis Akrithakis, we talked about...

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