Our visit to the Yeni Camii

Written by NewsRoom
17 April 2019

We enjoy teaching by walking the streets of our city, learning the history and chatting with the locals. Today we visited the impressive Yeni Camii (New Mosque) traveling for a while in the past.

The Yeni Camii is a historical mosque in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was built by Italian architect Vitaliano Poselli in 1902 for the city’s Donmeh community (Jews who had converted to Islam). However, when the Donmeh community left the city during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, it was used to house the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in 1925 until 1964 consisting the first museum of Thessaloniki as part of the Greek state. Today it serves as cultural center and hosts temporary exhibitions.

For centuries Thessaloniki was a multicultural and multilingual city, a mosaic of languages, traditions and religions, colored by Jews, Cristians, Muslims and people from every corner of the world. This multicultural image can still be seen in all over the city.

At the same time we had the chance to enjoy the exhibition of Dimitris Tantanozis “Isolation” by the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki.

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