Walking through the history of Thessaloniki…

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How many stories about this city can be told during a walk? Its busy streets are full of monuments that speak of emperors, gods and mortals, deadly wars and disasters, victories and celebrations. A multi-faceted city that can feel hospitable while introverted, even awkward sometimes, in the face of its importance and greatness, a city that has assimilated in its identity all the characteristics and influences of the different people that passed through it during the last 23 centuries. We explore the monuments, heirlooms of the rich historical past of the city – from the Roman times to the city’s recent past – while we create meaningful connections between them in a tour that aims to tell the story of a multicultural city that has had, and still has, a unique and enchanting presence.

We walk together with our favorite collaborators, guides from the Dot2dot team through the history of Thessaloniki and discover with them all the secrets of our city. We start from the Roman period reaching the modern years.

We learn the Greek language together, discussing every element of the history and culture of our country, while enjoying a fascinating tour through the most central streets of the city, getting to know some of its most famous monuments. With us are always our specialized, certified guides of Dot2dot and our highly educated teachers.

Walking through the history of Thessaloniki... - Peek at Greek - Greek language and culture school