Preparations for the opening have begun!

Written by NewsRoom
31 May 2021

📌 During this undoubtedly strange school year, we shared stories, experiences, sorrows, disappointments, funny and happy moments, and we managed to do that, despite the fact that we had to do it through a laptop screen. From Melbourne of Australia to Reno of Nevada and from Canada to Japan and Philippines. From Belfast, Zurich, Munich, Leeds, Madrid, Edinburgh, Zestafoni of Georgia, Athens and Thessaloniki we met wonderful people and became even more attached to those we already knew.

📌 Thank you very much for your interest and all your messages, but also for your understanding and willingness to adapt to an online learning environment for those who prefer live teaching.

📌 Preparations for the opening of our school have begun and we can’t wait to see you all again, following, of course, all the necessary protection measures. We are waiting for you with our fresh ideas to discover together the secrets of our language and culture!

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We play, laugh and learn Greek!

We play, laugh and learn Greek in the most incredible and fun ways! We learn Greek through innovative language teaching methods while getting ready for our holidays in Greece. We use imaginative methods that turn our lessons into an enjoyable activity and knowledge...

We are back again!

After two and a half months of physical absence, our school is ready to open again for its teachers and students, while taking of course all the necessary measures for the protection and safety of all of us. Hopefully, we will also be able to start our rich cultural...

Until we meet again, take care!

As probably most of you already know, our school remains closed, just like the majority of the companies in Greece, due to the emergency measures taken against the coronavirus. Our cultural activities have stopped as well, due to the same reason. Thank you very much...

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