Greek language and culture courses in Gera’s Olive Grove Estate (Lesvos)

Written by peekadmin
14 April 2016

Gera’s Olive Grove Estate hosts our Greek language & culture courses!

Engulfed by well-manicured gardens and a lush olive tree landscape stretching out to the shoreline, the Gera’s Olive Grove Estate, a convenient yet secluded venue, provides the perfect backdrop to host a great variety of events.

Our students will have the opportunity to visit the two museums of industrial olive oil production found in Papados (Branas Museum) and Agia Paraskevi villages and they will have the chance to cook and make traditional recipes using olives or olive oil as a basic ingredient.

There is the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural events (music nights) and outdoor activities (diving courses, climbing and riding lessons, sailing in the area of the bay, yoga and pilates, relaxation in a traditional Turkish bath), too.


Communicate with us to register and feel free to ask anything Greek you need to know about our activities!

We look forward to meeting you in a tour in Greek language and culture!

Registrations are open!

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