Until we meet again, take care!

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As probably most of you already know, our school remains closed, just like the majority of the companies in Greece, due to the emergency measures taken against the coronavirus. Our cultural activities have stopped as well, due to the same reason. Thank you very much for your interest and all your messages. We are fine and healthy and we continue the work we love doing, but only via Skype.

We miss a lot of moments from our work! The joy of teaching, the interaction with all of you, the possibility to discover new worlds, our walks through the streets of our city, the guided tours, the cooking classes, our language games, the chance to discuss with you all the topics we love, the joy of finding common interests with people from the other side of the ocean. Perhaps the thing we miss the most is just a simple mutlilingual “tsipouraki” after a demanding day!

Despite the difficult conditions, we do not lose interest in our work and the appetite to explore new things with all of you. We still use our innovative methods that turn our lessons into an enjoyable activity and knowledge into a game. We use our modern educational strategies to our online lessons as well, and we keep adapting our courses to the needs and interests of each student. We practice in every day dialogs facilitating the daily communication, we are learning how to use the new vocabulary and we come into contact with grammar and syntax issues with our specialized and certified teachers. We get to know the Greek culture, art and traditions. We discuss, as always, about the language that is hidden in our songs, movies, tales and recipes and we organize new interesting projects, suitable for distance learning. We can’t wait to share all this experience with you!

Until we meet again, be safe and take care! We hope that we will be able to see each other soon! We are always at your disposal online!