We play, laugh and learn Greek!

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1 July 2020

We play, laugh and learn Greek in the most incredible and fun ways! We learn Greek through innovative language teaching methods while getting ready for our holidays in Greece.

We use imaginative methods that turn our lessons into an enjoyable activity and knowledge into a game. We use modern educational strategies and adapt our courses to the needs and interests of each student. We practice in every day dialogs, facilitating the daily communication and making your life in Greece easier.

We learn how to book a hotel, how to buy tickets and use the means of transport. We learn how to order in a restaurant, ask for help or go for shopping. We discuss about the weather conditions, chat with the locals and come into contact with different sides of the Greek culture. We discover new customs, scents and flavours, while we are preparing together the perfect schedule for your holidays in Greece.

Registrations are open!

As September has arrived, we are getting ready for a new, creative year with many surprises, taking of course all the necessary measures for the protection and safety of all of us. We can’t wait to share with you all of our new ideas, as language teaching is for us...

We are back again!

After two and a half months of physical absence, our school is ready to open again for its teachers and students, while taking of course all the necessary measures for the protection and safety of all of us. Hopefully, we will also be able to start our rich cultural...

Until we meet again, take care!

As probably most of you already know, our school remains closed, just like the majority of the companies in Greece, due to the emergency measures taken against the coronavirus. Our cultural activities have stopped as well, due to the same reason. Thank you very much...

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