We had a great time and we will do it again! Peek at Greek goes again to Elafotopos (Zagori) 22-28 of October 2018

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We learn Greek while traveling.

We “get to know” the autumn in Greece.

We discover the culture of Epirus, the Zagorian traditions and the beauties of the villages of Zagori.

We explore the language that is hidden inside the everyday life of the people of the Greek  mοuntains, the songs, and the the Zagorian recipes.

We communicate with the locals, we hike, we learn how to weave and get introduced to the art of felt. We come in contact with the nature and the Zagorian customs, we talk about mushrooms, learn to dance and enjoy the life in Epirus!

We’re leaving on the 22nd of October, will you join us?

For more information contact us!

Registrations are open until the 25th of September!

Our program includes:

– 20h Greek language and culture lessons

– Get to know the everyday life of the people of the guest house/ daily activities


  • 1 hiking trip
  • 1 cooking class
  • 1 weaving seminar/ the ancient art of felt
  • 1 rafting class
  • Get to know how people in Epirus celebrate

* At the same time: everyone of you can have access to all the other activities offered by the guesthouse that will host us.


The view of the courtyard at Sturo and the plain of Pedini is the first picture that welcomes us to Rocka. From there everything will start: getting to know the life in the village and its people. “Rokka” is not just another guest house in Zagori. It is the home of the people who live there and who gladly open their door and welcome us to share with us their everyday life.

For more details:



520 euro (in a twin room)

580 euro (in a single room)

* The price includes the Greek courses, the accommodation (6 nights+ breakfast) and the cultural/ outdoor activities.

** The price does not include the transportation, the rafting class and the meals.