Peek at Greek went to Elafotopos!

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Our Summer School in Zagori has just been completed and we are looking forward to the next one!

We traveled in the beautiful village of Elafotopos, we were hosted in the wonderful “Rokka” and we got to know the summer in mountainous Greece. We got a small taste of the culture of Epirus, the Zagorian traditions and the rare beauties of the villages of Zagori.

We discovered the language that is hidden inside the everyday life of the people of the Greek mountains, the songs, and the Zagorian recipes. We got in touch with the locals, we made new friends, heard unique stories, and came in contact with the nature and the Zagorian customs.

We took 20 introductory hours of Greek language and culture lessons, tailored to the needs of the relevant outdoor activities and the interests of our students.

We got to know the everyday life of the people that they hosted us, we helped them in their daily activities and gained unique experiences.

We hiked on fantastic routes, we followed the process of butter production, we tried unforgettable tastes, we learned how to cook “alevropita” and we improved our cooking skills with some interesting cooking tips.

We learned how to weave in loom and made our little souvenirs discovering the ancient art of felt.

We went rafting and swam in Voidomatis’ waters.

We learned to dance, to sing and we got to know how people in Epirus celebrate.

Of course, we cannot thank the people of rokka enough ( for the time they spent with us, the excellent hospitality and the unique care.

As we love to say “we learn Greek while traveling, we travel while learning Greek.”

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